Working with professional pride and passion, ArrisVentures makes a point to foster and sustain long-lasting associations and partnerships by creating value added services for our customers’ businesses.

Our philosophy centers around operational excellence, which is the foundation of our organizational development and progress supplemented by strategic and structural clarity, ethical leadership, cost-effective resources and thought leadership.

ArrisVentures places immense stress on individual and collective performance with strategic thought and action appropriately recognized and rewarded at regular intervals. We strive to achieve competitive advantage through a unique combination of a high-volume, low-expense business model and continual improvement of our standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Our vision is to be a dynamic business group that is passionate about the standard of living of the general populace while providing excellent returns to all our stakeholders. We wish to:

  • Excel in serving our customers and stakeholders in diverse industries and markets.
  • Build services and products that support growth at individual, communal, regional and country level.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through effective use of our assets, strong manpower performance and investments.
  • Expand ethically and organically through sustained growth, acquisitions and partnerships.


ArrisVentures primary mission is to create continuous value for our customers and consumers while meeting international standards through excellence and innovation. Our objectives are to:

  • build a profitable and growing venture that exceeds expectations and aspirations of the stakeholders.
  • inspire confidence through exceptional levels of product and service quality and outstanding customer service.
  • uphold the trust and confidence of our customers, employees and stakeholders.


Peter Drucker once said that innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. At ArrisVentures, innovation is not just an instrument of entrepreneurship but indeed the very reason for our continued existence. Our approach to innovation is rooted in creative problem solving through collaboration and partnering, mixed with a commitment to cutting edge products and inspiring solutions.

Every person associated with ArrisVentures, from employees to top management, business partners to suppliers, pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, brand management and business ethics. This dedication helps us to craft wondrous innovations for tomorrow's markets. That is why we continually expound our products and services while keeping an eye open for new and lucrative ideas.

Whether it is developing innovative products for the wellness markets or developing a unique training program, ArrisVentures always pledge to sustain novel innovation management concepts that guarantee continued success and constantly ensure a reasonable profit. Innovation in safety, quality, operations and project management will continue to provide a clear cut advantage over our competitors' offerings, thus enabling us to stay profitable and look forward to the organic growth that we desire.

The Group