Arris’s innovative technical interviews-as-a-service platform is designed to help hiring managers, recruiters and other decision-makers get true insight into a candidate’s technical prowess prior to investing a hiring manager’s time reviewing partially qualified resumes, coordinating a resource intensive panel interview, or footing the bill for face-to-face interview travel expenses.

Find The Best Candidate

We help you hire expert IT interviewers to assess your candidate’s tech competency and experience. You’ll receive an in-depth report on each candidate including skill level assessment scores, code snippets, and a recording of the live interview. You’re busy — and sometimes your hiring managers will lack the technical knowledge to assess candidates. Partner with us and see dramatic gains in quality-of-hire and reduced time-to-hire.

Find An Interviewer

Get the Best People Fast
Hiring processes are often rooted in speed — but rushed, uninformed hiring decisions lead to costly mistakes. We help you sort pretenders from contenders and fast-track the candidates you need to be speaking with.

Take Back Your Time
Interview fatigue and coordination of schedules hamper IT team morale and productivity. Business-critical projects suffer. We remove the tactical pains and free your team to focus on project deadlines.

Save Your Money
Interviewing unqualified IT candidates is a cost drain. Our interviews-as-a-service approach brings a savings of 90% to most of our clients.

Are you ready to fast-track your hiring process?

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