Corporate Social Responsibility

At ArrisVentures, our passion is to lead - through innovation and determination. However, we also have a passion to create a society full of smiles, where harmony and understanding are a way of life. Our top leadership places immense emphasis on making our world a better place. To achieve this end, we have established the ArrisFooundation.

ArrisFooundation focuses on community services and philanthropic acts where our top leadership and employees give their time and knowledge to make our communities better places to inhabit. Volunteerism is part of the core values of our company. In fact, community service sits right at the centre of our core values.

As a well established next-generation company, ArrisVentures constantly thinks about the future - of both our mother earth and our communities. We promote community service as a company-wide value where we leverage our collective effort to realize a difference in communities across the nation. Our community service activities include

  • Mentoring underprivileged students at-risk
  • Deliver meals and basic facilities to the elderly
  • Blood donation camps
  • Fund-raising for old age homes and agencies
  • Fight hunger in our communities
  • Provide essential care for stray / abused cats, dogs and other animals
  • Caring for and improving the lives of Orphans
  • Supporting charities working for homeless and beggars
  • Provide free education for economically weaker section students

Our employees recognize that our community centric ethos is rooted deep in our heritage and hence employees often suggest and adopt causes that make a difference in their communities. They wholeheartedly embrace our desire to create positive change in their local communities and work as an active part of ArrisFooundation. The idea is to form a cohesive unit that rises up to the challenge of tackling social issues and improve economic opportunities. In this regard, our employees have been with us with heart and soul and have repeatedly risen to the challenge.

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